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Asbury University launching MBA program this fall

Will be taught from a faith-based perspective

WILMORE, Ky. (May 4, 2015) — Asbury University is launching a MBA program this fall that will explore and emphasize how enterprise can be a viable tool for thinking carefully about what it means to use our abilities to serve others and leave a legacy of faithful activity to promote human worth.

Ambassador-Spring15-digital-Cover-600wide-200x260“We will challenge students and encourage them to unify the secular and the sacred aspects of their lives in a way that positively impacts the marketplace,” said Dr. Mike Kane, Dean of the Howard Dayton School of Business.

The program is tailored to specifically address the diversity evident in today’s business environment. In addition to high-level core business principles and the values therein, courses in Asbury’s MBA program will emphasize innovative thinking, real world application and a global perspective.

The program is designed with flexibility in mind by providing a blended delivery format with customizable time-table tracks to complete the degree. The program’s online delivery format will be organized and launched in a way that maintains the effective communication of business concepts, in addition to peer and professor interaction occurring through sophisticated, 21st-century technology.

The program also endeavors to understand and practice business and management from a faith-based perspective. Ethics, values and moral reasoning are inherent in all features of society, and our business institutions are no different. Course content will emphasize faith integration and provide a Christian perspective throughout the program. Not only do students find themselves within, or about to enter, a marketplace of commerce, exchange and business activity, they are also entering a marketplace of ideas.