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Verizon opens its first Kentucky Smart Store

Located in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 18, 2015) — Verizon Wireless has opened its first Kentucky Smart Store at 4800 Outer Loop in Louisville. Smart Stores are designed to showcase how connected devices can enhance mobile lifestyles.

verizon“The goal is to experience – to see, touch and learn what is possible with connected accessories and devices that interact with smartphones and tablets on Verizon’s 4G LTE network,” said Lauren Love-Wright, Verizon Wireless region president for Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.

The 4,197-s.f. store showcases mobile lifestyles—such as fitness or music-focused lifestyles—and the devices and accessories that make these lifestyles a reality. Lifestyle zones available at the new store include:

  • Get Fit, which focuses on health and fitness devices such as fitness tracker watches and wristbands and smart sports equipment;
  • Amplify It, which focuses on music and smart audio, including headphones and speakers;
  • Customize It, a variety of chargers, cases, and trendsetting accessories to help you stay ahead of the curve; and
  • Home and On The Go – for remote home monitoring and energy management products;

Verizon also will host wireless workshops” at the store to help customers learn how to use and make the most of their devices.

Customers visiting the new store can use Verizon’s high-speed transfer service, which moves content (pictures, video, music, etc.) from one device to another in a significantly faster and virtually hassle-free manner for any Android and iOS devices. The Verizon Wireless Content Transfer service is built into the Verizon Cloud application for Verizon Wireless devices and will be available as a standalone app for competitor devices that are porting in.

Verizon Wireless is converting its entire fleet of 1,700 communications stores into Smart Stores over the next few years.