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Leadership Louisville Center recognizes 65 as West Louisville Connectors

More than 600 nominations were received

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 26, 2015) — A diverse group of 65 individuals, ranging in age from 27 to 84 and representing all walks of life, have been recognized as West Louisville Connectors for their success in working for the common good and having the knowledge, respect and connections to effect positive change.

LLC_Connectors_Headers_800x290-resizedThe 65 West Louisville Connectors include school principals, community organizers, pastors, social justice advocates, health care workers, elected officials, economic development investors, social workers, nonprofit directors, entrepreneurs and neighborhood volunteers.

The Leadership Louisville Center launched the West Louisville Connectors project in December 2014 to elevate some of West Louisville’s greatest assets—its people. Through the identification and recognition of West Louisville Connectors, the Leadership Louisville Center will celebrate this network of leaders committed to serving the common good and help to develop a higher level of connection and leadership in the city.

The project was inspired by and followed a similar process as the 2009 Leadership Louisville Connector project.  The focus on West Louisville came from the 2014 Bingham Fellows, who began a series of projects to invest in West Louisville’s path to prosperity.  This allowed the Center’s involvement in the area to continue through this project that recognizes the often un-sung leaders who live, work and care about West Louisville. The West Louisville Connectors will also have the opportunity to interact with the work of the 2014 Bingham Fellows and Leadership Louisville Center programs.

More than 600 people were nominated for West Louisville Connectors.