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Fifteen sites approved for National Register of Historic Places

Now go to National Park Service for final determination

Roscoe Goose House in Louisville.
Roscoe Goose House in Louisville.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 3, 2015) — The Kentucky Historic Preservation Review Board has approved 15 sites for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Nominations will be forwarded to the National Park Service (NPS) for final determination of eligibility. A decision on designation will be rendered within 60 to 90 days.

Sites approved are:

  • W.G. Swann Tobacco Co., Murray
  • C.A. Baldwin Farmstead, Christian County
  • Peabody-Fordson Historic District, Clay County
  • Kentucky Buggy Co., Owensboro,
  • Roscoe Goose House, Louisville
  • First Vineyard, Jessamine County
  • Frank Duveneck House and Studio, Covington
  • Gardner Farmstead, Magoffin County
  • Stearns Golf Course, McCreary County
  • Ceralvo Masonic Hall and School, Ohio County
  • Versailles Elementary School, Woodford County
  • Charles M. Moore Insurance Co., Warren County
  • Multiple Property Listing — The Architecture of James Maurice Ingram, 1929-1960 and Ingram-designed homes, the Causey House and Givens House.

The Kentucky Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office administers the National Register program in Kentucky and provides administrative support to the review board, which is charged with evaluating National Register nominations prior to their submission to NPS.

Owners of National Register properties may qualify for state and/or federal tax credits for rehabilitation of these properties to standards set forth by the Secretary of the Interior, as certified by the Kentucky Heritage Council, or by making a charitable contribution of a preservation easement. National Register status does not affect property ownership rights, but does provide a measure of protection against adverse impacts from federally funded projects.

The National Register is the nation’s official list of historic and archaeological resources deemed worthy of preservation. Kentucky has the fourth-highest number of listings among states, at more than 3,300. Listing can be applied to buildings, objects, structures, districts and archaeological sites, and proposed sites must be significant in architecture, engineering, American history or culture.