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Work underway on $90M Ark attraction in Northern Kentucky

Williamstown, Ky. – Work is underway on a 510-foot-long replica of Noah’s Ark in this northern Kentucky town.

A rendering of Ark Encounters
A rendering of Ark Encounters

The tourist attraction, called the Ark Encounter, is projected to be finished next year, according to Ken Ham, founder of the Kentucky-based group Answers in Genesis. The group is constructing the wooden ship and is also behind the nearby Creation Museum, which opened in 2007.

“This is going to be huge attraction just for the structure itself,” Ham said.

The project is being constructed with $90 million in private donations and bond funding. Answers in Genesis, according to Ham, has raised about $70 million.

The project has ridden some troubled water since it was announced nearly five years ago. The state withdrew a tax incentive package for the project worth $18 million over religious discrimination concerns when hiring employees. Answers in Genesis is suing state tourism officials, citing freedom of speech, and is proceeding with the project.

The group says it has consulted the Bible to determine the attraction’s measurements and specifications.