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New concessions and amenities in place at CVG

CVG enhances passenger experience in time for All-Star Game

The new Smash Burger location at CVG.
The new Smashburger location at CVG.

Hebron, Ky. – The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) added many new concessions and amenities to enhance the passenger experience in time for the All-Star Game.

“We strive every day to provide a safe, convenient, enjoyable travel environment for our passengers,” said Candace McGraw, chief executive officer at CVG. “We are the front door to the community, we want our passengers to feel welcome and at home when they travel.”
Today, Smashburger begins operations at CVG. Smashburger is located between gates A9 and A11. The space is approximately 1,500 sq. ft. and includes seating within the location. Smashburger will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more information on concessions at CVG please visit, cvgairport.com/skyshops/eat.
FuelRod, a portable recharging kit, now has six locations at CVG where passengers can buy and/or swap their FuelRod. The initial cost for a rechargeable FuelRod is $20. FuelRod stations at CVG are located: near the information booth in Concourse A, gate A10, gate A16, near the Delta Sky Club in Concourse B, gate B10 and gate B11. The FuelRod can be swapped for free at any location. FuelRod stations can also be found in airports across the United States. For more information please visit, fuel-rod.com.
For international travelers, Duty Free Americas now offers online shopping. Passengers can shop online prior to departure to purchase items which will be delivered directly to the passengers at their gate. For more information on Duty Free Americas, please visit, cvgairport.com/skyshops/detail/duty-free or dutyfreeexpress.com.
Passengers traveling with children can now enjoy the free Kids Landing Play Area in Concourse A near Starbucks. CVG partnered with PLAYTIME to create a fun, inviting space for kids to play in while at CVG. You will find our soft-surface climbing toys Timmy the Turtle and Rodney the Rabbit alongside a fun slide all nestled on a padded floor.