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Vandalized Louisville pool re-opens

Had been closed since Sunday

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 10, 2015) — The Algonquin Park pool, which sustained major damage due to vandals over July 4th weekend, was scheduled to re-open today after being closed since Sunday for repairs.

WHAS photo
WHAS photo

Fireworks and broken bottles were thrown into the pool over the weekend and vandals also set fire to a nearby playground, destroying a plastic slide in the process. The damage to the pool and playground was estimated to be approximately $10,000.

Initially, Metro Parks officials believed the pool could be closed for up to 10 days. To help aid in the process, the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) added pumps that allowed the 649,000 gallons in the pool to drain more quickly. Normally, the pool would take up to three days to fully drain, but MSD’s assistance allowed it to be finished on Monday.

The pool deck and interior was cleaned and inspected on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, the process of re-filling the pool began. On Thursday afternoon, Metro Parks officials deemed it ready for business as usual on Friday.

Those with information about the criminal activity are encouraged to call (502) 574-LMPD.