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XLerateHealth selects 7 early-stage healthcare companies for program

Program last 13 weeks

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 29, 2015) XLerateHealth, a Louisville-based accelerator for early-stage healthcare companies, announced that it has selected seven companies to participate as part of its incoming third cohort. The accelerator’s 13-week intensive program begins Aug. 3 and runs until “Demo Day” on Oct. 29.

xhealth“We have a stellar set of teams, many of which have seasoned founders/entrepreneurs,” said Bob Saunders, XLerateHealth’s chairman and co-founder. “We are extremely excited to begin helping these companies gain valuable insight through customer discovery and customer pilots which allow them to refine their business models based on intimate knowledge of customer pain points and market needs in order to ultimately accelerate their speed to market.”

Supporting XLerateHealth is a world-class group of mentors. The mentors provide guidance and counsel to XLerateHealth’s portfolio companies, drawing from their depth of experience in healthcare and business creation.

Mentorship can range from providing a single phone call for advice to a much more intensive interaction depending on the needs of the company and the time commitment of the individual mentor. Startup companies will typically have two to five mentors with whom they engage on various aspects of their business. Mentors in the accelerator have extensive experience in various aspects of the healthcare ecosystem and/or various aspects of early-stage new venture creation.

Selected companies are:

iClinical (San Francisco, Calif.)

  • A real-time data aggregation and analytics platform for clinical trials. The real-time trial insights and built-in collaboration tools allow faster issue resolution and decision-making, so that life-saving drugs get to the market sooner and at a lower cost.

iPillBox (Louisville)

  • A mobile pill organizer that streamlines complicated medication schedules for patients and allows caregivers and physicians to monitor compliance securely. iPillBox enables providers to access real-time data through a secure web-application so that they can proactively manage medication compliance issues.

Inscope Medical Solutions (Louisville)

Has developed a Wi-Fi enabled multi-purpose, disposable laryngoscope that optimizes airway intubation by integrating several devices into one easy-to-use device. This innovative technology addresses a $1.2B laryngoscope market and will improve this high-risk procedure’s speed, effectiveness and safety.

MedUX (Toronto, Canada)

  • Revolutionizes surgical workflow by bringing the surgeon, direct, tactile control over digital case data while in the operating room’s sterile field. For the first time, surgeons can easily access the data they need, where they need it most.

NormaLyte (Louisville)

  • A clinically proven sugar-free oral rehydration salt product specifically created by pharmacists to quickly and effectively treat dehydration without the salty taste of competitors’ products (e.g.: Pedialyte) and without the hydration efficiency loss of sugar-based hydration products (e.g.: Gatorade). The proprietary formula is based on the World Health Organization’s recommended formula, which has undergone extensive evaluation and testing by the scientific community. NormaLyte is much more easily consumed by patients, athletes, etc. than salty alternatives which are compliant with the WHO sugar-free standard.

SYSGenomics (Granger, Ind.)

  • Provides molecular diagnostic tests to enable cancer patients and their oncologists to select the most effective treatment strategy. SYSGenomics takes the guesswork out of cancer treatment.

Trajectory Healthcare (Loveland, Ohio)

  • A population health analytics solutions company that helps evaluate, improve and design population health management programs. Using its patented analytics engine and easy to use software, Trajectory transforms how customers see and manage their population health data, helping them make better clinical and financial decisions.