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Community partners sought for Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship program

Etsy is an online marketplace

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Arts Council is recruiting new partners to present the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship program to communities across the state.

artsEtsy, whose members reported $1.93 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2014, is an online marketplace to buy and sell unique goods. Craft Entrepreneurship is a program that equips people with the knowledge and skills to start Etsy businesses.

The state’s first Craft Entrepreneurship programs were held in June at Hazard Community & Technical College.

One attendee was Stanton woodworker Eugene King. He was adjudicated into the Kentucky Crafted program in 2002, but said he still had plenty to learn heading into the Etsy workshop.

“I maintain our web page and I thought I knew everything until I took this class,” King said. “I learned other things I need to be doing on my own site.”

Class instructor Courtney Howard said that’s the goal of the Craft Entrepreneurship Program — to give new creative entrepreneurs a different perspective.

“There’s so much more you can do than you actually know. It’s a lot to absorb,” Howard said. “What’s great about this class is it guides you step by step.”

The workshop requires some financial commitment at the local level, depending on the community’s needs. It also requires the use of a classroom space with enough computers for all participants. Possible venues for this could be a public library, community and technical college or high school computer lab.

Any person or group interested in bringing the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship program to their community should identify a local agency or organization to assist in securing a classroom space and coordinating logistics. Look for partners like a local arts council or arts organization, county extension office, economic or community development office, chamber of commerce, city or county government, community and technical college, small business administration office or adult education program.

Those organizations that partner with the Kentucky Arts Council to present the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship program receive promotion via the arts council website and through statewide media releases as an official partner, targeted promotion to artists in your region to assist with class participation, assistance in recruiting an Etsy class facilitator, online registration and information and materials to promote the workshop locally.

For more information about the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship program contact Emily B. Moses, arts council creative industry manager, at [email protected] or 502-564-3757 ext. 472.