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Kentucky Science Center to operate Challenger Learning Center

Three missions available

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Aug. 12, 2015) — Kentucky Science Center’s proposal to operate the Challenger Learning Center — Louisville, located at The Academy @ Shawnee in Louisville, Kentucky (Shawnee Challenger) was approved by the Jefferson County Public School Board. Beginning this fall, the Science Center will operate the Shawnee Challenger as an offsite destination serving schools, after and out-of-school groups, families and corporations from across the region.

Logo_mainHeader-1“We’re thrilled to have collectively found a way to continue this powerful, immersive learning experience here in Louisville,” said Science Center director of education and experience, Kim Hunter. “This is a win for kids in our community and a major win for STEM education.”

Kentucky Science Center begins operating the Shawnee Challenger with the start of the new school year. They will offer all 3 missions currently owned by the Shawnee Challenger – “Rendezvous with a Comet,” Voyage to Mars” and “Return to the Moon” – along with a new suite of programs designed to maximize reach into public, private and home schools across the region.

The Kentucky Science Center’s new Challenger Flight Director comes from the renowned Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala., bringing with him more than four years of experience managing flight simulations in both space travel and aeronautics.

Overseeing these missions, the Science Center and their new Flight Director will ensure that Shawnee Challenger programs match the performance expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards and expand the core target student audience from pre-k through 12.

Expanding beyond the school district, Kentucky Science Center will utilize Shawnee Challenger facilities to deliver after-school and out-of-school Challenger simulations to organizations across the region. Missions will now be available for scout programs, birthday parties, corporate retreats and so much more.

“With our outreach efforts already reaching communities across the commonwealth, we’re optimized to add this invaluable resource to our arsenal of programs,” said Science Center executive director Jo Haas. “In our continued partnership with JCPS, the operation of Shawnee Challenger will continue to serve our community with new and expanded programming.”