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Siemens earns Governor’s Safety and Health Award

Has gone more than 1 million hours without a lost-time incident

MARION, Ky. (Oct. 2, 2015) — Siemens today received the Governor’s Safety and Health Award. The Marion facility did not have a lost-time injury in more than 1 million work hours across seven years, going back to June 2008.

siemens“To go a million work hours without a lost-time incident reflects the outstanding devotion to safety at Siemens in Marion,” said Kentucky Labor Secretary Larry L. Roberts applauded the accomplishment. “Seven years without a workplace injury, even with a major expansion and the addition of so many new employees, is a safety streak that deserves the highest recognition.”

Siemens engineers, manufactures and assembles rail signaling and automation products, such as grade crossing warning lights, bells and gates, for rail lines around the U.S. and worldwide at its 280-person facility.

The manufacturing facility also assembles and wires the complex control equipment required for train control systems, wayside signal systems and grade crossing warning systems. The facility has completed a $2 million expansion, has added 80 jobs over the past five years and plans to continue to grow by adding traffic controller manufacturing operations to the site this year.

“As the largest private employer in Marion, we are proud to demonstrate our commitment to workplace safety,” said Troy Martin, Siemens Marion rail automation plant manager. “We have created an environment and robust safety culture so that our highly-skilled engineering and manufacturing workforce is able to supply advanced rail technologies to customers across the U.S. and beyond. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Gov. Beshear and his team for recognizing our manufacturing facility and celebrating our efforts to keep employees safe.”

In addition to the Marion plant, Siemens has a rail automation manufacturing facility located in Louisville that houses the production of a wide variety of products for wayside signal systems, grade crossing warning systems, and control equipment for train control systems. Siemens employs 280 people at that location.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet presents the Governor’s Safety and Health Award in recognition of outstanding safety and health performance. An establishment may qualify for the award if its employees together achieve a required number of hours worked without experiencing a lost-time injury or illness. The required number of hours is dependent upon the number of employees. In the case of Siemens, the requirement is 750,000.

Every establishment within the geographical boundaries of Kentucky is eligible, even if the establishment won the award the previous year. Eligibility is limited to one award during a 12-month period of time.