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Greater Louisville Inc. names new senior VP

Sarah Davasher-Wisdom
Sarah Davasher-Wisdom

Louisville, Ky. – Greater Louisville Inc. announced today that Sarah Davasher-Wisdom has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Strategy. In her new role, Davasher-Wisdom will assume responsibilities for communications, public relations, board relations, and planning. She will continue to oversee GLI’s advocacy, public affairs, and government relations efforts.

“Sarah has tremendous capacity and is renowned for her attention to detail,” said GLI CEO Kent Oyler.  “She has proven herself to be a reliable performer in the public policy role and as a member of the executive team, and I’m confident that she will continue to perform as she takes on this expanded role.”

Davasher-Wisdom is focused on the organization’s strategy to enhance public policy efforts and further strengthen the voice of the business community at the local, state and federal levels. The additional duties of communications and strategic planning align with her current role.

Davasher-Wisdom has 11 years’ experience in government affairs, public policy and community relations, including serving as the Strategic Communications Officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Louisville and as the Community Development Coordinator for U.S. Congressman Ron Lewis.

“I am honored to be chosen for this role and look forward to my new responsibilities” said Davasher-Wisdom.  “I look forward to building upon the momentum we have created as we continue to advance the regional economy.”

To assist Davasher-Wisdom with public policy and government relations planning, Joe Geoghegan has been promoted to Senior Manager of Public Policy and Planning.

Greater Louisville Inc. also announced today that the organization will contract with Tyler Glick of Glick Strategies to assist with media relations and to handle all media inquiries.