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Kentucky business and political leaders respond to elections

Lexington, Ky. – Matt Bevin and a host of other Republican cohorts made an impressive grab of Kentucky constitutional offices in the General Election, nabbing the races for governor, commissioner of agriculture, state auditor, and state treasurer.

Here’s what Kentucky business and political leaders are saying about the election:

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: 

“Let me begin this morning by congratulating Kentucky’s Governor-elect and the entire Republican ticket on a big win last night.

“I remember when the Republican nomination was hardly worth having in Kentucky, so it says something when we see spirited competition for it. The Governor-elect and I certainly are no strangers to spirited competition, but we’re also conservative Kentuckians happy to see change come to Frankfort.

“Yesterday’s election was a statement about where the people of my state want to see us headed, and it’s not down the road of government control and big labor. They want fresh ideas, growth, innovation, opportunity, and greater control over their own lives and destinies. They want a change in direction. Here’s something they certainly don’t want: more of this Administration’s top-down, Washington knows best approach to everything from health care to how best to use our natural resources.”

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear: 

“I called Matt Bevin this morning and congratulated him on being elected Kentucky’s next Governor. I promised an orderly transition as I hand off the reins of state government to him. My office will work with his administration to answer any questions and provide all information necessary to assure consistent delivery of all services. I have assigned Mary Lassiter, secretary of the governor’s executive cabinet, and Shannon Tivitt, deputy chief of staff, as points of contact for the incoming administration.”

Dave Adkisson, President and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce:

“We look forward to working with our new governor, Matt Bevin. He’s clearly a bright, articulate,  passionate leader who wants to improve Kentucky.  When I’ve met with him, I’ve seen a guy who is focused and determined.  At the Kentucky Chamber, we wake up every day trying to figure out how to advance Kentucky, so I think we’ll find a lot of common ground.”

Eli Capilouto, President of the University of Kentucky: 

“Kentucky has tremendous opportunities and profound challenges. As the university for Kentucky, UK looks forward to a partnership for progress with our new governor, his team, and all of our elected officials as we work together to address the issues most important to our Commonwealth.”

Dr. Jay Box, President of Kentucky Community and Technical College System

“I congratulate all the new and re-elected office holders and look forward to working with them to move higher education forward in Kentucky.”

Kent Oyler, President and CEO of Greater Louisville, Inc: 

Greater Louisville Inc. has been in dialogue with now Governor-elect Bevin for some time now.  Matt Bevin ran as a change agent and there are many challenges that the Commonwealth is facing that aren’t served well by the status-quo.

“Our membership sees exceptional opportunities for thoughtful change in many areas including: pension reform, tax reform, right to work, expungement reform, and tort reform. GLI will use our clout in Frankfort by advocating for bold policy solutions in the 2016 session of the General Assembly.  With new executive leadership, there is new promise to address longstanding issues in new ways.”

Trey Grayson, President and CEO of Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

“Given the critical nature of the pension issue for the state’s fiscal health, Governor-elect Bevin’s big victory gives me comfort that this issue will be addressed in the upcoming session. We can’t afford to wait, and given how prominent a role it played in his campaign, he can claim a mandate for it.

“In addition, we need Right to Work in Kentucky to compete with a growing number of our neighbors. Bevin’s support for Right to Work doesn’t mean passage will happen in the upcoming session, but it provides momentum for the future.”

Dave Hatter, mayor of Fort Wright, Kentucky: 

“As a long time entrepreneur and small business owner, veteran and as the Mayor of The City of Fort Wright, Ky., I couldn’t be happier to see Kentucky voters reject Obamacare, WOTUS, NLRB, CPP and nearly all of the job killing ‘progressive’ polices of the Obama administration.

“The only way the night could have been better would have been a Republican sweep.”

Note: The Lane Report will be compiling comments and responses from Kentucky business leaders throughout the day. Comments for inclusion can be submitted by contacting us here.