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Centre College launches self-guided leadership certification program

Students receive points for participation in leadership activities

DANVILLE, Ky. (Dec. 1, 2015) — Centre College has created a new self-guided Leadership Certificate program that will aid students in leadership development.

centre“Nothing in here is new—they’re things that people are already doing on campus,” said Sarah Scott Hall, associate dean and director of the Grissom Scholars Program. “It’s a program that helps students connect the dots with all the different things they’re involved in and to be able to articulate to employers and graduate schools how they have grown in their efforts toward leadership development.”

Students receive points for participating in a variety of activities and must reach 100 points prior to graduation to earn certification. They can receive two points for attending a career fair or voting on Election Day, five points for holding a leadership position in a campus organization or applying for a major fellowship, and 10 points for completing an internship or research experience, among other activities.

“It really plays to students’ strengths and interests, and it helps them develop a deeper self-awareness, cultivate deeper connections and gain practice with taking initiative,” Hall said.

All seniors in the program will create a “capstone presentation,” a 10 to 15-minute multimedia presentation where they will discuss the leadership area in which they have grown throughout their undergraduate career. Centre students and community professionals will review the presentations.