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Union County Public Library children’s program tops in state

Fourth year in a row program has led state in attendance

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 29, 2015) — For the fourth year in a row the Union County Public Library children’s program ranks No. 1 in Kentucky in attendance among the state’s 119 public libraries, according to the 2015 Statistical Report of Kentucky Public Libraries. The report covers data for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

The report provides a top-10 ranking for 16 measures that demonstrate successful libraries in the commonwealth and includes data from all of the state’s public libraries. Children’s program attendance per capita at the Union County Public Library is 2.45, while the average per capita children’s attendance in Kentucky’s public libraries is .32.

“The Union County Public Library continues to cultivate future library users by providing exceptional children’s services to the youth of Union County,” said Kentucky Department for Library and Archives (KDLA) Library Services Director Terry Manuel. “Congratulations to the Union County Public Library for this remarkable achievement, and for providing such quality educational programming opportunities.”

Union County Public Library director Debbie McClanahan has a few ideas about how the library achieved the number one ranking in children’s program attendance for the fourth year straight.

“Our library and our programs have tremendous support,” said McClanahan. “We have a library board of trustees who support us and a great team of employees, who also recognize the relevance of the library as an education partner in Union County. Our community supports and partners with us. We are thankful to live in such a supportive county.”

“Additionally, the Union County School District supports and partners with us, especially our Summer Read and Feed program which was held at eight locations five days a week for four weeks last year,” she said.

Last year, the library’s programs included outreach at every elementary school, pre-school and daycare in the county, after school programs at each library location, and its Time 4 Tots program featured at each of the library locations each week.

Not only was the library ranked number one for children’s program attendance, it was also ranked number two in total library staff, averaging 11.31 staff per 10,000 in population. The state average is 4.96.

Also, the library ranked fifth in two categories: Annual public service hours offered and number of Internet hours used by the public.

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