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Lexington Mayor Jim Gray to run against U.S. Senator Paul

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray

Lexington, Ky. – Today Lexington Mayor Jim Gray announced he is running for the United States Senate against Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul.

Gray will file today, Kentucky’s filing deadline, as a Democrat.

“Washington is in gridlock, I want to change that,” he said. “I will listen to Kentuckians to bring common sense solutions back to Washington and work to restore the American Dream for every family in Kentucky.”

Gray posted an introductory video which can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXQwSDhhsqc.

Gray, originally from Glasgow, Ky., is the chairman of Gray Construction, his family’s business. He is currently serving his second term as Lexington mayor. Senator Paul, an an ophthalmologist from Bowling Green, is a first-term Senator, as well as a Republican candidate for President.

A press release announcing Gray’s candidacy says that Senator Paul “has put his own ambition ahead of Kentuckians and is behind policies that would hurt Kentucky families. He voted for a plan that would double healthcare costs for our seniors and supports privatizing Social Security. He supported massive cuts of over $160 billion to our military, and Senator Paul signed a pledge to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.”

The announcement comes less than a week before the Iowa presidential caucuses, where Senator Paul is currently polling at 3 percent.

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