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‘Kentucky Visions at the Capitol’ exhibit features 54 state artists

On display through April 22 in Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 1, 2016) — The Kentucky Arts Council’s exhibit “Kentucky Visions at the Capitol: Fifty/50” features 98 works from 54 artists on display through April 22 at the Capitol Annex in Frankfort.

artsThe exhibit is usually limited to artists currently in Kentucky Arts Council programs, either as participants in Kentucky Crafted or as Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship recipients. But in the spirit of the arts council’s 50th anniversary in 2016, 50 program artists selected for the exhibit were asked to nominate emerging Kentucky artists as possible participants in Visions this year.

“Artists adjudicated into the Kentucky Crafted Program and those who receive an Al Smith Fellowship represent the best of the best in Kentucky art,” said Lori Meadows, arts council executive director. “We were excited to give them the opportunity not only to show their work at the Capitol Annex, but to also select one of their peers to exhibit alongside them.”

Artists represented in the exhibit:

  • Dobree Adams, fibers, Franklin County
  • Carolyn Biggs, oil, Jefferson County
  • Peter Bodnar, intaglio print and mixed media, Jefferson County
  • Catherine Bryant, oil, Jefferson County
  • Ying Kit Chan, ink, Jefferson County
  • Clint Colburn, acrylic and marker, Fayette County
  • Yoisel Concepcion, photography, Fayette County
  • Erin Eldred, fibers, Fayette County
  • Bill Fletcher, oil, Jessamine County
  • Bruce Frank, photography, Scott County
  • Devin French, glass, Jefferson County
  • Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, photography, Shelby County
  • Timothy Gold, acrylics, Kenton County
  • Carole Gordon, watercolor, Henderson County
  • Lida Gordon, collagraph print, Jefferson County
  • Melissa Hall, photography, Fayette County
  • Elsie Harris, acrylic, Fayette County
  • Michelle Hayden, encaustic, Madison County
  • Judith Pointer Jia, oil, Boyle County
  • Gwendolyn Kelly, relief print, Jefferson County
  • Ann Klem, glass, Jefferson County
  • Lori Larusso, acrylic, Fayette County
  • David Keith Linton, mixed media, Jefferson County
  • Marco Logsdon, oil and tar, Fayette County
  • Marianna McDonald, pastel, Fayette County
  • Lennon Michalski, mixed media, Fayette County
  • Parrish Monk, mixed media, Campbell County
  • Stephen Moore, oil, Fayette County
  • Barry Motes, mixed media, Jefferson County
  • Corie Neumayer, aerosol paint, Jefferson County
  • Ed Newell, photography, Clark County
  • Kathleen O’Brien, mixed media, Mercer County
  • Camilo Quintana, photography, Madison County
  • Christopher Radcliffe, photography, Madison County
  • Fran Redmon, pastels, Franklin County
  • Jennifer Reis, fibers, Rowan County
  • Mary Rezny, photography, Fayette County
  • Patricia Ritter, watercolor with pastels, Cumberland County
  • Judy Rosati, photography, Jefferson County
  • Walter Roycraft, photography, Jessamine County
  • Sarah Jane Sanders, photography, Franklin County
  • Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, mixed media, Fayette County
  • Rachel Singel, intaglio print, Jefferson County
  • Guinever Smith, oil, Jefferson County
  • Karen Spears Springate, acrylic, Fayette County
  • Regina Spivey, mixed media, Clark County
  • Sheldon Tapley, oil, Boyle County
  • Lawrence Tarpey, oil and pencil, Fayette County
  • Catherine Triplett, pastel, Daviess County
  • Russell Weedman, mixed media, Whitley County
  • Deborah Westerfield, ceramics, Fayette County
  • Kathy Wood, pastel, Scott County
  • Laverne Zabielski, fibers, Wayne County
  • David Zurick, photography, Madison County