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Advanced manufacturing job postings up 50% in Kentucky

Nearly 6,000 ads for jobs in September and October

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Feb. 17, 2016) — Job postings in lightweighting-related professions in Kentucky increased 50 percent from January and February 2015 to September and October 2015, according to a market report from LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) and WIN (Workforce Intelligence Network). The total number of job ads in Kentucky was 5,844, a 6 percent increase above the 2015 bimonthly average of 5,500 postings

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.29.48 PMOf the 5,844 job ads, more than 30 percent offered salaries above $50,000 and 41 percent required at least a bachelor’s degree for employment. The percentage share of postings offering salaries equal to or in excess of $50,000 has increased 11 percentage points since September and October 2014.

From September and October 2014 to September and October 2015 job postings rose more than 25 percent in the five-state region of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Indiana. Overall, there were nearly 67,000 job postings in the region.

“Kentucky’s advanced manufacturers have increasing needs for qualified, well-skilled employees,” said Greg Higdon, president & CEO, Kentucky Association of Manufacturers. “These employees will be the drivers of success for our companies and for our state, while continuing to grow Kentucky’s strong advanced manufacturing sector.”

Kentucky’s most in-demand lightweighting-related occupations are:

  • Logistics Workers (1,637 postings)
  • Assembly and Operation (1,374 postings)
  • Skilled Materials Workers (1,077 postings)
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (653 postings)
  • Process Engineering and Testing (285 postings)