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Transportation Cabinet seeks to remove KY 151 in Anderson County from the National Truck Network

Cites safety concerns from truck-related crashes

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 16, 2016) — Citing safety concerns stemming from a series of truck-related crashes, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) will petition the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to remove KY 151 (Graefenburg Road) in Anderson County from the National Truck Network.

transportation“Graefenburg Road is simply too narrow to accommodate the increasing amount of commercial vehicle traffic seen daily,” said acting Secretary Greg Thomas. “By implementing this action, we can reduce the amount of truck traffic, extend the lifespan of pavement and potentially decrease the number of vehicle crashes.”

KYTC is currently in the process of submitting an emergency petition to FHWA that would limit commercial trailered trucks from traveling on KY 151. An emergency order would expedite the waiting period to remove the designation by approximately a year.

If approved by FHWA, trucks will be encouraged to take exit 53A off I-64 to U.S. 127 south. Access to local industry would not be affected due to statutory provisions allowing reasonable access, which includes delivery terminals and service facilities.

Although KY 151 meets the nominal federal requirements for commercial traffic, a recent series of commercial vehicle crashes has raised concerns about the appropriateness of the designation. The most prevalent type of crash involves trucks veering off the roadway, which seems to imply that the roadway and shoulders are too narrow or the truck is too large.

Normally, commercial vehicles use this route as a shortcut from Interstate 64 at exit 48 to connect with U.S. 127 in Lawrenceburg.  Over 800 commercial vehicles travel KY 151 daily

KY 151 has been on the National Truck Network since the ratification of the Surface Transportation Act of 1982. Nationwide, the Network covers more than 200,000 miles of approved interstates and state highways for large truck use.

KYTC will continue to monitor the route to determine if further action is warranted. Law enforcement, specifically Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, will also be notified of any approved change.