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Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics selects class of 2018

60 students chosen

MOREHEAD, Ky. (April 13, 2016) — The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University has selected 60 students for its Class of 2018.

CAESM-web-4-14The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics will meet the unique educational needs of academically gifted and talented high school juniors and seniors in the commonwealth. A college-level curriculum will allow students to finish high school while also completing up to two years of university coursework. It will offer a residential college experience and environment to promote innovation and creative enterprise, developing the full potential of the state’s brightest minds and most promising future leaders.

In addition, the Craft Academy will offer unique, project-based STEM+X courses that will enrich educational experiences and develop competencies in entrepreneurship and innovation, design and creativity, and civic and regional engagement.

Students will live on campus designed for high school aged students. The facility will have meeting and social space and be staffed 24/7. Counselors and advisors also will be available.

Students were selected based on ACT and SAT scores, academic grades from their first two years of high school, interest in advanced STEM careers, responses to application essay questions, interview by the Academy selection committee and recommendations from teachers and others who can attest to the student’s need and preparedness for the program.

At the end of the two years, students will have earned as much as 60 credit hours, finished high school and have the opportunity to further their education at MSU or transfer to any other college/university in Kentucky or elsewhere.

Students selected for the Craft Academy Class of 2018 are:

  • Bath: Margaret Hughes daughter of Freda and Steven Hughes from Bath County High School
  • Boone: Emmi Fish daughter of Doug Fish and Kaye Tyler Fish from Ryle High School
  • Bourbon: Anne Park daughter of Harry and Vivian Park from Paris High School
  • Boyd: Isaac Vinson son of Angela and Zach Vinson from Ashland Blazer High School
  • Breathitt: Makenzie Neace daughter of Tami Carpenter Watkins and Kenneth Neace from Breathitt County High School
  • Bullitt: Ishika Patel daughter of Kammi I. Patel and Ishwar M. Patel from Riverview High School
  • Bullitt: Garrett Jones son of Tammy Scrogham and Gary Jones from Riverview High School
  • Carter: Cade Clark son of Kimberly and Todd Clark from East Carter High School
  • Carter: Grace Edens daughter of Beth and Neil Edens from East Carter County High School
  • Carter: Abigail Gillispie daughter of Wayne and Darlene Gillispie from West Carter County High School
  • Clark: Xan Arnett son of Aaron and Selina Arnett from George Rogers Clark High School
  • Crittenden: Landon Brooks son of Jeff and Julie Brooks from Crittenden County High School
  • Crittenden: Corbin Wilson son of William and Mary Wilson from Crittenden County High School
  • Elliott: Haley Dennis daughter of Lesa and Jeff Dennis from Elliott County High School
  • Fayette: Sam Mcinteer daughter of Richard and Deb Mcinteer from STEAM Academy
  • Fayette: Christian Trowel son of Calvin Trowel and Melanie Trowel from Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  • Fleming: J.D. Kincaid son of Danny Kincaid, Diane Kincaid (step mother) and Sarah Kincaid from Fleming County High School
  • Fleming: Nathanael Watkins son of James and Christy Watkins from Fleming County High School
  • Garrard: J.T. Fitzpatrick son of Leigh Ann and Tommy Fitzpatrick from Garrard County High School
  • Greenup: Brandon Staton son of Kim Staton and James Staton from Russell High School
  • Hardin: Caleb Buchanan son of Craig and Carrie Buchanan from John Hardin High School
  • Hardin: Rhianna Clemons daughter of Angela Mullens and Rickey Clemons from Elizabethtown High School
  • Hardin: Mason Harris son of Tony and Stacie Harris from Central Hardin High School
  • Hardin: Lenna Yong daughter of Lisa Yong and Inn Hoe Yong from Elizabethtown High School
  • Jefferson: Melaine Brazel daughter of Michael and Kristen Brazel from Eastern High School
  • Jefferson: Hayden Hubbuch daughter of Jan Youngblood and Mike Hubbuch from Atherton High School
  • Jefferson: Alex Jetter son of Beth Immerso from Brown School
  • Jefferson: Alden Loring son of Mark and Karen Loring from Brown School
  • Jefferson: Nate Murray son of David and Karen Murray from Louisville Collegiate School
  • Jessamine: Cameron Arthur son of George and Tracy Arthur from East Jessamine High School
  • Johnson: Sarrisa Hale daughter of Sandra Hale and William Hale from Johnson Central High School
  • Johnson: Brooke Hall daughter of Deanna Hall and Ronnie Hall from Johnson Central High School
  • Kenton: David Chai son of Lucy Hu and Fengming Chai from Simon Kenton High School
  • Kenton: Michael Mardis son of Jenny Hardorn, Todd Schulkers from Scott High School
  • Kenton: Haylee Mitchell daughter of Dwight and Angela Mitchell from Simon Kenton High School
  • Kenton: Brooklyn Sauer daughter of Frank and Maryann Sauer from Simon Kenton High School
  • Knott: Nadia Richardson daughter of Stephen and Pamela Richardson from Knott County Central High School
  • Lawrence: Billie McCoy daughter of Bobbie and Oscar McCoy from Lawrence County High School
  • Madison: Stefan Kwiecinski son of Jaana Kwiecinski and John Kwiecinski from Madison Central High School
  • Madison: Abigail Williams daughter of Marty and Christine Williams from Madision Southern High School
  • Meade: Cody Madden son of John and Patricia Madden from Meade County High School
  • Meade: Michael Thoma son of James and Melanie Thoma from Meade County High School
  • Meade: Shane Walsburger son of C. Paul Walsburger from Meade County High School
  • Montgomery: Callie Arnold daughter of Brad and Norma Arnold from Montgomery County High School
  • Montgomery: Jacquelyn Crump daughter of Jeff and Brenda Crump from Montgomery County High School
  • Montgomery: Dalton Sparks son of Debbie Sparks and Charlie Sparks Jr from Montgomery County High School
  • Oldham: Sierra Hauck daughter of Charles and Jennifer Hauck from Oldham County High School
  • Pendleton: Cullen Beard son of Douglas and Laura Beard from Pendleton County High School
  • Perry: Alex Vermillion son of Melissa and Kevin Vermillion from Hazard High School
  • Powell: Graham Fizer son of Barbara Graham and Barry Fizer from Powell County High School
  • Pulaski: Kelly Brunson daughter of Diane and Craig Brunson from Pulaski County High School
  • Rowan: Sean Daugherty son of Donald and Michelle Daugherty, Nicholas and Michelle Whitley from Rowan County Sr. High School
  • Rowan: Trevor Past son of Melodie Past, Michael Harford from Rowan County Sr High School
  • Scott: Kaylee Whitenack daughter of Darrell Whitenack and Nina Johnson-Whitenack from Scott County High School
  • Shelby: Jack Dorman son of Kelly Dorman from Shelby County High School
  • Union: Jolie Baird daughter of Joe and Cara Beth Baird from Union County High School
  • Wolfe: Makayla Bush daughter of William and Melissa Bush from Wolfe County High School
  • Wolfe: Savannah Perkins daughter of Darrell Perkins and Elsie Mullins Perkins from Wolfe County High School
  • Woodford: McKenna Jobe daughter of Susie and Ben Stivers / Jeff Jobe from Woodford County High School
  • Woodford: Gloria Mullins daughter of Chris and Hope Mullins from Woodford County High School