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Kentucky Labor Cabinet warns of workers’ compensation scam

Callers claim to be with ‘workers’ compensation appeals board’

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 24, 2016) — The Kentucky Labor Cabinet Department of Workers’ Claims has learned of a telephone scam in which individuals are told that they have been awarded workers’ compensation benefits and that those benefits will be released once a certain “tax” or “fee” has been paid.

Callers may identify themselves as being a member of the “workers’ compensation appeals board.” Workers’ compensation beneficiaries are not contacted in this manner and no taxes are payable on benefits. In addition, there is no such board.

“Unfortunately, there are people out there who are always trying to take advantage of unsuspecting citizens,” Kentucky Labor Cabinet Secretary Derrick Ramsey said. “I encourage people to use common sense on this matter and to not provide any personal information to persons making unsolicited contact. If it sounds suspicious or too good to be true, do not hesitate to contact the Department of Workers’ Claims. I also encourage all Kentuckians who feel that they might have received one of these solicitations to report them directly to the Office of Inspector General for the Labor Cabinet.”

Consumers may contact the Office of Inspector General at 502-564-1985 and [email protected] or the Attorney General’s office at 502-696-5300.