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Prichard Committee receives grant from James Graham Brown Foundation

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 5, 2016) – The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence plans to expand key statewide education initiatives ranging from kindergarten readiness to postsecondary success, thanks in part to a grant from the James Graham Brown Foundation.

The Foundation’s $425,000, two-year award was made for the grant, “Kentucky Leads the Nation in Education Excellence for All: Early Childhood-Postsecondary.” In addition to strengthening the committee’s work on early childhood and postsecondary attainment efforts, the grant will be used in support of an initiative to close the achievement gap in Kentucky.

“The James Graham Brown Foundation is pleased to be a partner with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, which is committed to the success of Kentucky youth from kindergarten readiness through postsecondary achievement,” said foundation president Mason B. Rummel. “The foundation’s focus on academic success and narrowing the achievement gap of Kentucky students depends on the kind of excellence the Prichard Committee brings to the table.”

Brigitte Blom Ramsey, executive director of the Prichard Committee, expressed appreciation for the grant. “We are incredibly grateful for the support from the James Graham Brown Foundation,” she said.

“This grant signifies the foundation’s commitment to vastly improve educational achievement in Kentucky. It is also evidence of their confidence in the work of the Prichard Committee. We have a shared vision of increasing kindergarten readiness and postsecondary attainment while also raising awareness about the persistent achievement gaps among traditionally underserved populations in our state. If we can continue to increase achievement for all students and move with urgency to close the achievement gaps, Kentucky will move into the top tier of all states within the next generation.”