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Newport to be first smart city in the Midwest

Working with Newport-based technology company

NEWPORT, Ky. (Aug. 23, 2016) — Newport plans to be the first smart city in the Midwest through a partnership with Newport-based Nexigen, which created smartLINK, a digital platforms that connect people through technology.

The city will have nodes—nine foot structures—installed throughout the city featuring USB fast charging outlets, an interactive tablet for internet access, emergency calling capabilities, atmospheric censors, data analytic devices and two 55-inch outdoor displays for way finding and advertising purposes. Integrated EV charging stations will be provided in select areas.

Nodes will be connected with high-speed fiber optics that create exceptionally fast wireless internet that can deliver data access to a multitude of devices with WIFI capabilities extending 30-300 miles from a single access point.

“When you are telling a city, business or university you will not only install a very expensive node for free, but that you will actually pay them every month to install and manage the node, you really catch some attention,” said Jill Cohen, co-founder of smartLINK. “After that, it doesn’t take much to explain how the model is possible and sustainable.”

Plans for the future include providing a better parking meter system, better waste management, better estimates for traffic flows, better analytics for prospective businesses and a‘Genius Community portal’ that allows members of the community to get up to date information on intelligence collected through the smart node system as well as local news.