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City of Fort Mitchell lowers tax rate

downloadProperty taxes lowest since 2004

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. — With a unanimous vote, the Fort Mitchell City Council approved lowering the city’s tax rate by a small amount for property owners at its council meeting on Monday, Aug. 22. With this new tax decrease, property taxes are at their lowest level since 2004.

The new rate of $.138 on each $100 of valuation of property will take effect in October when the city taxes are due. Mayor Jude Hehman presented the budget at the city council meeting, explaining that cuts will result in no reduction of services.

Finance Committee Chairman Councilman Dan Rice made the suggestion for a reduction in taxes that was met with full support from council.

“The taxes generated by taking the compensating rate met our budget for the upcoming year,” Rice said. “The Finance Committee agreed that there was no reason to take in more tax revenue than what is necessary to meet our budgeted expenditures.

“Council agreed and passed the budget which included the tax cut.”

“I am proud of the work that our council and staff have done to be fiscally responsible while allowing for a reduction in taxes for the citizens of our community, however small, we are trending in the right direction.” said Mayor Jude Hehman.

The City of Fort Mitchell completed a city building renovation and expansion last year without incurring any debt and is currently working with other cities to combine and share services and resources.