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Continental Refining Company upgrades system to expand national oil shipments from Somerset

Includes 34-acre railroad facility

SOMERSET, Ky. (Aug. 25, 2016) — Continental Refining Company announced today it has implemented the use of railcars to carry oil products to and from its refinery in Somerset to the Somerset Rail Park in Ferguson, where the oil is offloaded or loaded onto trains for final distribution across the country.

The state-of-the-art, 34-acre railroad facility is considered among one of the best in the transportation industry and is in a prime location in Pulaski County, along the Norfolk-Southern Railroad Lines. The use of rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transloading via the rail park will allow Continental Refining Company to further expand its national distribution in reach and efficiency.

“By using intermodal transportation, we will not only make both receipt of crude oil to our refinery and delivery of petroleum products to our customers more effective, we will also reduce overall inbound and outbound shipping costs for Continental Refining Company,” said Demetrios Haseotes, Continental Refining Company CEO/President. “We now have the added advantage in our region of shipping products farther and reducing costs, while utilizing a new resource.”

The new intermodal transportation method began on July 27 for Continental Refining Company. The company is currently bringing in gasoline components for gasoline pool blending and hopes to continue procuring additional blending components going forward. In addition, the company is also buying transmix, a type of fuel produced when different fuels mix together in the fuel distribution system, which is also brought in by rail. Continental Refining Company plans to increase to up to 10 railcars per week for its transportation purposes.