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Mobile app released for interior design for vacation rental management

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Design Made Easy, LLC (DME) has launched its mobile application platform for Vacation Rental Management (VRM) firms, so that homeowners have the ability to update their vacation rental with self-selected or recommended interior design to help increase rental and occupancy rates. This allows for online interior design capabilities in an all-in-one, secure mobile communication platform for those needing direct access to decision-making around a vacation rental property.

VRM companies will offer this, under a DME private label agreement, to their property owners. Vacation rentals can then be updated with the latest in select interior décor. This proprietary, patent-pending suite of tools includes a B2B app that brands the VRM company. It allows for a custom built VRM profile and selected inventory, so that interior design choices are appropriate and add value to the vacation rental. DME also includes a unique marketing video specific for the VRM company to use with their property owners, detailing the interior design services.

DME is excited to be attending both the Home Away RezFest Conference September 21-23 in Orlando, Florida and the VRMA National Conference Oct. 16-19 in Chandler, Arizona.

Property Manager Kim Catellier of 360 Blue Properties based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida agrees that the mobile platform has made an impact for their owners of vacation beach rentals. “The application has been very beneficial in assisting owners in how to visualize how different styles of furniture and decor can enhance the interior appearance of their home. What a great concept to use when working within a budget,” she added.

Features of DME Mobile App

No longer does a vacation property owner or vacation rental manager have to send images via text or email to communicate suggested interior design changes. With DME, VRM homeowners have access through the platform to select inventory such as home furniture, decorations, kitchenware, appliances, flooring and accessories. All inventory is sold at retail pricing. In addition all communication sent to the vacation rental owner from DME appears from the VRM company’s brand under this private label approach. If the vacation rental homeowner would like a custom interior design, they can sign up for DME’s concierge service. DME’s trained interior design staff then works virtually with the vacation rental owner to create and select home décor purchases for their vacation rentals to increase rental and occupancy rates.

DME licenses the mobile application to VRM companies for a setup and renewal fee.

The DME central application tool is designed around projects created for rooms–collections to choose from, and connections to share with the vacation rental homeowners for timely collaboration. Each step in the process allows collaboration and tracking of their choices with costs and allows vacation rental owners to reach decisions faster by choosing from virtual interior design boards; which saves time and money.

The app allows for:
(a) insertion of the actual dimensions of rooms;
(b) design project and tags items to be changed in a given room;
(c) interior design boards and web links that shows selected items for purchase; and
(d) digital design boards, where notes and shares occur to make final choices while tracking costs.

DME’s Founder Sarah Honaker recalls that, “Having a clear and simple way to communicate and track costs of interior design projects took hours off their process of decorating her family’s vacation rental.” Sarah said, “I started Design Made Easy in an effort to create order and organization for her room projects, and then expanded on the concept for others overseeing vacation rental properties.”

DME’s Chief Information Technology Officer Aaron Drake and Bhaskar Sanga, DME’s IT director, have said that it is extremely rewarding to be part of a product that helps people improve their living spaces and properties. “As a software developer it has been fun to move outside of the world of bits and bytes and into creative living spaces,” Drake stated.