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Renovated Iroquois Park unveiled today in Louisville

Included $1.4 million un upgrades

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Sept. 15, 2016) — The $1.4 million North Overlook project to upgrade South Louisville’s Iroquois Park was unveiled to the public today. Upgrades include a new stone bench, grassy picnic areas, native trees, shrubs, a wheelchair-accessible path that leads to a viewing area, herbaceous plants and several stormwater retention basins to help control erosion.

Feedback gathered from the public during two public meetings in summer 2014 resulted in many of the improvements.

“The view from the top at the North Overlook is as spectacular as ever, and once the surrounding native grasses and other plantings have a chance to grow in, the whole experience at the summit will really be enhanced,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “The work cements Iroquois Park’s position as one of the premier tourist destinations in the South Points Scenic Area.”

Crews used the demolished remains of the old overlook to raise the elevation of the path and make it gentler in its approach to the new North Overlook, which was also raised by almost six feet. The recycling of the old materials allowed Metro Parks and Recreation and the Olmsted Parks Conservancy to save $34,500 on the project cost.

Video cameras perched near the North Overlook will be monitored and are meant to reduce vandalism, which has taken place at the Overlook over the years. Iroquois is open to motor vehicles only on Wed., Sat., and Sun. but open to walkers and cyclists all days from April through October.

Iroquois, established in 1891 and is Louisville’s second-oldest park, is one of Louisville’s 18 Olmsted-designed parks. It is also known as one of the “Big Three,” along with Shawnee and Cherokee parks, that Frederick Law Olmsted correctly envisioned would anchor the city’s system of parks and parkways around which Louisville would grow.