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Panel to convene in Woodford County on infill, redevelopment, place making, farmland conservation

Scheduled for Sept. 29

VERSAILLES, Ky. (Sept. 16, 2016) — Woodford Forward will convene a panel of experts at a public forum on infill, redevelopment, place making and farmland conservation on Sept. 29 at the Safe Harbor Academy in Versailles.

Woodford Forward is a group of citizens and business owners that advocate for innovative policies that promote the highest and best use of urban land and the agricultural use of productive farmland throughout Woodford County.

As part of its community education and outreach work on land use issues, Woodford Forward has partnered with Bullhorn Creative on Physical Education Part III – A Discussion on Urban Development in the Bluegrass, the third in an annual series of panel discussions on urban revitalization. Forum panelists will present their experiences with prior successful projects and initiatives that focused on the revitalization of downtown environments, place making, and farmland conservation. The forum provides an opportunity for citizens to see and hear presentations from a panel of experts in urban planning, architecture, engineering, place making, and farmland conservation, as well as local officials.

The event was planned in response to a 2015 Woodford County community survey that was completed by The Matrix Group and sponsored by Woodford Forward. Two top priorities of the survey results were redeveloping vacant land and property within the urban service areas and protecting key agriculture areas from development.

Panelists include: Marshall Elizer, engineer from Gresham; Smith and Partners in Louisville; Rebecca Burnworth, architect of Burnworth Design; PLLC in Lexington; Land Project counsel Ashley Greathouse from Bluegrass Conservancy in Lexington; Holly Wiedemann, founding principal and president of AU Associates; Holley Groshek, executive director of the Equine Land Conservation Resource; and Regan Martin and Graham Kain from the SPARK Versailles project.