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Murray State Telecommunications program receives NIHS contract

MURRAY, Ky. — Murray State University’s Program of Distinction in Telecommunications Systems Management is the recipient of a $95,290 contract issued by the Department of Homeland Security through the National Institute of Hometown Security focusing on the identification of precision timing requirements in the U.S. mobile and cellular communications space.

“Murray State continues to be one of the first choices for DHS when selecting a contractor for projects, based on the University’s history of delivering work on time and on budget,” said Michael Ramage, primary investigator for the contract and Center for TSM director. “The result of this work could impact our nation for decades to come.”

The project is part of a larger effort by the DHS, which is interested in understanding how the various critical infrastructure sectors depend on GPS for positioning, navigation and timing. As part of a wider effort, DHS is developing a set of requirements that define the needs for precision timing that exist in all 16 of the critical infrastructure sectors.

Through NIHS, DHS has asked TSM to develop requirements for precision timing in the mobile communication sector by working with private industry, mobile providers and technology vendors to elicit a set of precision timing requirements for the U.S. mobile communications sector. The information gathered will have an impact in improving the resilience of the sector to interruptions in GPS service.

In addition to CTSM Director Michael Ramage, TSM faculty members Dr. Mike Bowman, Dr. Abdul Yarali and John Hart, along with researchers Dr. James Gantt, Robert Harder and Randall Winchester, will be working together to complete the contract work.

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