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Perspective | Quality is a Good Business Strategy

By Dick Kelly

Dick Kelly

As another successful year winds down, The Lane Report is positioned to enhance its long held reputation as “Kentucky’s premier business news publication.” It is because we continue to evolve with intention rather than run by default.

The world is changing rapidly and how you consume information is being dramatically restructured. Technology is driving most of the change in communications. The internet, 24-hour news delivery and social media all contribute to a dizzying array of information and data available on demand.

Therein lays the rub. With multitudes of sources and modes of delivery, there is increasingly a question of the source, accuracy and authenticity of the information. When it comes to business and economic news in Kentucky, however, The Lane Report’s print and digital products continue to set what you tell us is the gold standard. This 31-year-old focus on quality is the key element of our successful business strategy.

We provide important Kentucky business news stories, trends and best practices, do it accurately, and write it intelligently and in an easy-to-read manner. It attracts a unique audience of the state’s top decision makers, who value our information product.

As daily newspapers continue to experience declines in their print products, one of the early causalities was business news. Abandonment of business coverage by daily newspapers has been willingly scooped up by locally owned area business publications, like The Lane Report, which now provide the only sources of regional business news outside metropolitan cities.

Interestingly, The Lane Report began over 31 years ago as a business news and information fax from our founder, Ed Lane, to clients and prospects in the commercial real estate industry. Very high-tech in the 1980s! But the response was immediate and enthusiastic from readers, which gave Ed Lane the idea to produce a high-quality, well written quarterly magazine distributed in Central Kentucky. It was embraced by its influential readership and within a few years moved to statewide circulation. 

Today, The Lane Report’s primary and secondary print readership is estimated at over 100,000 and is comprised of what the demographers describe as “influencers” and “opinion leaders.” As The Lane Report’s reputation grew, so did an array of special publications like Market Reviews in Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky; Health Kentucky; NEXT – Your Future After High School in Kentucky  (currently converting to a digital product focusing on workforce development), PREP Magazine, BG Magazine and Research Kentucky

In the digital space, lanereport.com was launched in 1998 and today appears on page one of any Google search for “Business in Kentucky.” Recognizing the impact of e-blast business news, Faster Lane was first delivered daily to over 10,000 businessmen and professionals in 2011. Again, you our readers, responded to a product providing you with what you want, how you want it, with attention to quality in its preparation.

Ed Lane left us a template for success that we follow enthusiastically. We operate with conservative financial principles while being technologically progressive and bullish on Kentucky. Our website and e-blast audiences are growing, but Kentucky’s influencers and opinion leaders retain high satisfaction with our magazine product – for many of the same reasons the biggest U.S. digital tech news source, c/net, launched a print magazine last year after existing exclusively online for nearly two decades.

Like you our readers understand, magazines capitalize on the unchanged benefits of print media:

• Reading on print benefits from more focused attention.

• Comprehend and remember more.

• Multisensory experience.

• More authentic, trustworthy and believable.

• Magazine media reinforces and generates more social media content.

• Magazines drive brand metrics and sales, both alone and in combination with others.

• Print significantly boosts the effectiveness of cross-platform campaigns.

• Print generates highest lift in brand favorability and purchase intent.

• Magazines show highest return on advertising spend (ROAS).

What that means to you is The Lane Report magazine will be in your hands for a long time to come.

Dick Kelly is publisher of The Lane Report. He can be reached at [email protected]

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