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UofL to hold ribbon cutting for new $5M Inpatient Psychiatric Services Unit

Includes 20 private rooms

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 10, 2017) — The Inpatient Psychiatric Services Unit at the University of Louisville Hospital has completed a $5 million renovation to offer patients more privacy, more space and enhanced care.

univ-hospitalThe unit is moving to the third floor of the University of Louisville Ambulatory Care Building, located across the street from the main hospital. The unit offers a wide range of services aimed at treating people who have psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression and schizophrenia. The Inpatient Psychiatric Services Unit helps provide a safe environment for patients, and prepares them for optimal functioning after discharge.

A ribbon cutting will held at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 12 on the third floor of the Ambulatory Care Building, located at 550 S. Jackson Street.

The new Inpatient Psychiatric Services Unit boasts an additional 4,459 square feet and will provide patients with a family visitation room, 24/7 security wearing polo shirts, a larger area where patients can interact during the day, and an atrium that can be used for a variety of therapies. In addition, the 13,238-square-foot new space includes 20 private rooms, offering patients increased privacy and the benefit of daylight. Ten of the rooms in the new unit will include additional equipment to support medical needs for patients.

The Inpatient Psychiatry Services Unit treats adult and geriatric patients. Services include acute crisis stabilization, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), group/individual therapy, acute substance abuse detoxification, behavior management, medical management, and treatment of acute psychiatric symptoms. Staff members are trained to treat suicidal patients and help those with substance abuse problems.

Patients in the current inpatient unit, located at University of Louisville Hospital, will begin transferring to the new location in the Ambulatory Care Building next week.

Emergency Psychiatric Services (EPS), which is also offered at University of Louisville Hospital, remains on the first floor of the main building. The hospital’s EPS is the region’s only specialty emergency room dedicated to the care, treatment and stabilization of patients with psychiatric disorders. EPS has two areas, including treatment observation and a 23-hour short stay unit. This unit is for patients, who require further stabilization before being discharged, transferred, referred, or admitted to an inpatient unit.