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Update | Louisville Water Company’s Eastern Parkway Project passes halfway point

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 26, 2017) — Louisville Water has passed the halfway point in the first phase of a three-year project to repair one of its largest water mains.

Since November, crews have worked along Eastern Parkway to repair a 48-inch diameter water main that was installed in the 1930s. An innovative technology called slip-lining allows Louisville Water to insert a smaller pipe (42-inches in diameter) inside the old one. This type of repair allows Louisville Water to avoid digging up long stretches of the roadway and keeps most of Eastern Parkway open to traffic. Customers also don’t lose water service during the repair.

Doing this work along a busy highway where the pipe is either in the street or near the sidewalks and homes is a tricky job. This drone footage, courtesy of American Pipe, the manufacturer of the new water main, shows the maneuvering of the new pipe into the old one.

The first phase of the project began along Eastern Parkway near the Medical Arts Building. Since November, crews have slip-lined just over one mile of pipe. Crews are working now near Willow Avenue and will complete the first phase, 2.2 miles in April. There are detours in this area.

This is a three-year project and in total, Louisville Water will repair 6.6 miles of the pipe. Crews can only do the work in the winter months when the demand for water is less. (The pipe has to be empty in order to slip-line and this water main is an important one to serve customers during the spring and summer.)

Louisville Water provides updates on traffic and the overall project at LouisvilleWater.com or follow on Twitter with the hashtag #EasternPkwyProject.