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RiverLink transponder requests have surpassed 200,000

Tolling began Dec. 30

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 27, 2017) —More than 200,000 RiverLink transponders have been requested since tolling began on three Ohio River bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Drivers have requested nearly 164,000 RiverLink local transponders and nearly 37,000 RiverLink E-ZPass transponders. Tolling on the new SR 265 Lewis and Clark Bridge, the new I-6Riverlink5 Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the improved I-65 Kennedy Bridge began Dec. 30.

Because of extremely high demand, RiverLink local transponders were out of stock for a short period of time. RiverLink local transponders are back in stock at customer service centers in Louisville and Jeffersonville, and orders are being fulfilled for drivers who opened RiverLink accounts online or by phone in late December and January.

Drivers who requested RiverLink local transponders should expect to receive them by mid-February. It’s important for drivers to properly mount their transponders as soon as they arrive. A transponder is placed on the inside of the windshield, as high and as central as possible. It may be placed on the driver side or passenger side of the rearview mirror.

More than 93,000 RiverLink accounts have been opened to date.