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Labor Cabinet collects $107,614.90 in unpaid wages in January

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 6, 2017) – Last month, the Labor Cabinet recouped $107,614.90 in unpaid wages for Kentucky workers.

Unpaid overtime, withheld final paychecks, illegal deductions of pay and lower pay than the legal minimum wage requirement are among the types of wage and hour violations that the Cabinet prosecutes. Other examples include unpaid breaks, time-clock shaving, mandatory tip-pooling and prevailing wage violations.

The Labor Cabinet’s Division of Wages, Hours, & Mediation is responsible for enforcing Kentucky’s wage and hour, child labor and prevailing wage laws.

Enforcement typically begins upon the receipt of a complaint. Investigators are then assigned to the case to determine compliance with the state’s wage and hour laws, monitor the correction of any violations, and collect back wages improperly withheld from employees. To find out more about the Commonwealth’s wage and hour laws, please check Division of Wages, Hours, & Mediation website by clicking here. An Employment Complaint Form can be found here.

Additional information is available at http://labor.kentucky.gov.