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Lexington Clinic announces board of directors

Dr. Stephen C. Umansky
Dr. Stephen C. Umansky

Will serve for one year

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 14, 2017) — Lexington Clinic elected its board of directors at its recent annual meeting. The will serve for one year.

Board members:

  • President – Stephen C. Umansky, M.D.
  • Vice-President – Michael T. Cecil, M.D.
  • Secretary – Kimberly A. Hudson, M.D.
  • Treasurer – Andrew C. McGregor, M.D.
  • Other members: Haider Abbas, M.D., Kyle Childers, M.D., Shailendra Chopra, M.D., Robert Davenport, M.D., Jamil Farooqui, M.D. and Gregory Osetinsky, M.D.

Nick Rowe and Alan Stein were also added to this year’s board. They are the first non-physicians to sit on the Lexington Clinic’s Board of Directors and were selected because of their leadership role in the community.