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RevIt accelerates local startups’ marketing game

LOUISVILLE (Feb. 16, 2017) – Five startups received valuable marketing and communications advice from a team of experts in the inaugural RevIt- Accelerating Customer Growth program.

Created by Nucleus and GLI’s EnterpriseCorp and hosted at iHUB on the University of Louisville’s J.D. Nichols Campus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the 3-hour sessions offered free, targeted advice to startups with high growth potential based in the Greater Louisville region.

“We came in with an idea of our problem and the experts from Doe-Anderson helped us really break it down into manageable steps to move us towards our goals,” Jeremiah Chapman, Founder & CEO of FreshFry, said. “It was also great to have confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.”

The five companies selected to participate in RevIt are:

• FreshFry, which developed the FreshFry Pod to remove impurities and extend the life of frying oil for restaurants. The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company, and a tenant on the Campus.

• Stinger Equipment, which manufactures revolutionary equipment for landscape professionals, featuring the World’s First Hydro-static Wheelbarrow, the Go Barrow 9000. The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, and an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company.

• Switcher Studio, which is a video creation platform. The service includes access to the Switcher iOS video mixing app, cloud services, desktop tools and support. Users can sync up to 4 iPhones and iPads to record and stream LIVE video with TV quality results and share instantly on YouTube, Facebook and more. The company is an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company and is currently a tenant on the Campus.

• TriBlue Corporation, which produces a product that removes carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from natural processing plants. The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, and an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company.

• Vivorte, which identifies, develops and commercializes innovative orthopedic devices to improve the lives of patients and meet market needs. The company was co-founded by Dr. Michael Voor and Ruth Voor. Dr. Voor is the founder and director of the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Laboratory at the UofL School of Medicine.

“When the University of Louisville Foundation developed the vision for Nucleus, we wanted to be a hub of life science and innovation with the goal of improving Louisville’s physical and economic health,” said Mary Tapolsky, Director of Technology Transfer and Program Administration for Nucleus. “With RevIt, Louisville startups are getting the best type of investment they can receive: mentorship for their new businesses.”

The American Advertising Federation – Louisville (AAF-Louisville) organized volunteer marketing experts from Doe-Anderson, Guthrie/Mayes Public Relations, Kale & Flax, Blackstone Media, Execuity, Fieldtrip, Mightily, PriceWeber, Café Press, Norton Healthcare, Humana, VIA Studio, CleaRly Stated Communications, and the Louisville Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to mentor the founders of the five companies selected.

“When we were approached about supporting the RevIt program, we jumped at the chance. AAF-Louisville is committed to supporting economic development in Louisville, and our members are very generous when it comes to sharing marketing expertise to make a positive difference,” Mary Gratzer, Executive Director of the AAF-Louisville, said.
The Nucleus and EnterpriseCorp team will follow up with all of the companies who participated in RevIt in six months to determine how companies utilized the advice given and the results of the marketing solutions.

“The time and subject-matter expertise given by our volunteers represents a huge commitment from Louisville’s marketing experts,” Lisa Bajorinas, Executive Director of EnterpriseCorp, said. “We are so glad so many firms were willing to step up and help some of the most promising entrepreneurs in our region. Moving forward we want to make sure that RevIt is a valuable experience for both the volunteers and the companies involved.”

“The RevIt mentorship program is another example of the UofL Foundation supporting life science startups and adding to the economic benefit of Louisville Metro,” said University of Louisville Foundation Interim Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Keith Sherman. “We are proud partners in this endeavor and have great hopes for the innovative companies involved.”

To learn more about RevIt, visit https://enterprisecorp.com/programs/revit/.