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City of Covington to begin search for city manager

COVINGTON, Ky. — Covington City Commission voted Tuesday to launch a national search for a new city manager. Loren Wolff was appointed as the interim city manager in February and is leading the effort to recruit highly-qualified candidates.

The City will contract with global municipal firm, Municipal Solutions, to conduct the search for candidates and consult with city on the transition. Municipal Solutions offers a two-year guarantee and warranty, insuring their service.

“The City of Covington has a long history of retaining city managers for several years, even decades,” said City Manager Loren Wolff. “The most important job we currently have is to hire the new city manager. By conducting a national search, we are opening the door to a fresh beginning with a highly-qualified leader for Covington. We will be thorough in our search to get this right.”

The City Commission will establish a search committee that will include citizens as well as staff. “Our search process will be efficient as well as inclusive, allowing for citizens with expertise to share their skills with the city,” said Wolff. “The committee’s role will be to evaluate candidates and make recommendations to the commission. We are at a critical time in Covington’s history and many opportunities lie ahead. The new city manager is critical to providing services to our citizens and to the future success of the city.”

Municipal Solutions is a public-sector management consulting firm having conducted over 200 searches nationally for small towns and large cities. The firm’s CEO and consultants have provided searches for numerous municipalities including the cities of Syracuse NY, Arkansas City AK, Daytona Beach FL, Fort Collins CO, Port Arthur TX, Greensboro NC, Norwich CT, Elmira NY, Salina KS, Miami FL, Scottsdale AZ, Roanoke VA, Fayetteville NC, Flagstaff AZ and many others. The search committee plans to complete the search and have a new manager in place by early summer.

Covington is Kentucky’s fifth largest city with a population of approximately 40,000, and the second largest in the Greater Cincinnati area.