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BBB warns of 10 current scams

The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning of 10 current scams in its May 2017 Hot Topics. They are:

1. If you see a Facebook post about a $50 Mother’s Day Lowe’s coupon, don’t click on it. This will send you to a survey site that asks for personal information and asks you to share the post with your friends. Lowe’s is not running this promotion — it is a scam.

2. BBB is still receiving reports of the “can you hear me?” scam. Callers are claiming to be with a warranty department, vacation companies, or government agencies. Don’t say “yes” to these calls — just hang up.

3. Beware of fake Amazon emails. The email provides an order number along with an invoice. If you click on this link, you will be sent to a phishing website. If you receive an email like this, log into your Amazon account directly to check your order status.

4. Consumers are reporting receiving text messages from their banks saying that their card is locked and to call a number to fix the issue. The number they provide goes to the scammer, not to your bank. If you suspect a problem with your account, contact your bank directly.

5. Did you receive a letter from the International Claims Department along with a check? Don’t fall for it! A local consumer received a letter that said she won over $140,000 with instructions to deposit a $3,920 check to cover government taxes and clearance.

6. The jury duty scam is making the rounds again. Scammers are calling and claiming to be with the sheriff’s office. They threaten you with jail time because you failed to show and demand that you wire money to avoid prosecution.

7. Now that tax filing season has passed, local tax payers are receiving phony IRS calls claiming they owe money. Scammers are threatening consumers with lawsuits or jail time. If there is an issue with your taxes, the IRS will send you a letter in the mail.

8. A local consumer received a phone call about a payday loan. The scammer demanded $600 in order to clear up the old debt. When the consumer refused, the scammer threatened legal action. This is a scam.

9. Business owners: beware of “vanity directory” scams. You get an email saying you’ve been selected as “Best of” in your business industry. The email includes options for you to purchase additional advertising in the directory. Do your research on the company before you send any money — many of these are scams.

10. If you receive an email from your IT Department to update your account settings, don’t click on any links. This may be an attempt to phish for your information. Contact your IT department directly to clear up any issues.

For more consumer tips, visit bbb.org or call 800-388-2222.