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GE Appliances made in Louisville now sold at Costco

IMG_1038SM_0e678ce3-8429-4b8d-9f04-c7bf8c88b46b-prvLOUISVILLE, Ky. (June 1, 2017) — GE Appliances, made in Louisville, has announced that laundry and kitchen appliances will now be sold on Costco.com. In addition, Costco warehouses have installed displays for laundry and kitchen appliances.

“Costco has a loyal membership and their commitment to offering members quality products is what we look for in our retail partners,” said Robert Posthauer, GE Appliances vice president sales. “We’re excited to bring the GE® and GE Profile™ brands to Costco members.”

Costco will have access to the GE and GE Profile brands. Members will not only benefit from a larger selection of appliances sold by Costco, but also a two-year warranty available only to Costco members.

For members who want their appliances delivered quickly, they’re in luck. GE Appliances Home Delivery will be used to fulfill all GE Appliances sales to quickly and efficiently deliver products.