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World Trade Center Kentucky announces new chief trade officer

Darren Srebnick
Darren Srebnick

LEXINGTON (June 23, 2017) — Darren Srebnick will return to the company as chief trade officer, the World Trade Center Kentucky announced on Friday.

Srebnick, a professional in the international and trade field for almost 20 years, is known and recognized by industries across Kentucky for his trade and customs acumen. Srebnick most recently served abroad as the International Trade Compliance Manager/ISCO Abu Dhabi General Manager for Louisville-based ISCO Industries, Inc.

“On behalf of the Center’s Board of Directors, we’re pleased with Darren’s return to our business,” said John McPhearson, WTC-KY Board Chairman. “With the continued growth and success of the Trade Center’s workforce development and trade education platform, Darren’s role to develop our advisory services division and to support our clients in their international trade efforts is the next strategic and pivotal piece in the Center’s growth plan.”

Formerly employed by the WTC-KY from 2010 to 2013, Srebnick held the title of Senior International Trade Specialist.

“We welcome Darren’s decision to return to the Center,” said WTC-KY President and CEO Ed Webb. “This is an exciting period for the World Trade Center as it for international trade. Darren’s past experience with our organization and in the private sector makes him a timely and valuable asset to our trade clients as well our business.”

Srebnick graduated with distinction from Connecticut College with a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies. He has continued to build on his education through various certification programs. Srebnick is also a licensed U.S. Customs Broker.