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Phillips Diversified Manufacturing in Annville creates new apprenticeship program

Workers with Phillips Diversified Manufacturing stood with Labor Secretary Derrick Ramsey.
Workers with Phillips Diversified Manufacturing stood with Labor Secretary Derrick Ramsey.

ANNVILLE, Ky. (June 27, 2017) – Labor Secretary Derrick Ramsey joined officials from Phillips Diversified Manufacturing in Annville to announce the creation of a new apprenticeship program.

This three-year welding apprenticeship program comes on the heels of another Eastern Kentucky apprenticeship announcement from American Metal Works last week. Together, these programs represent an on-going effort to strategically cultivate more skilled labor in Eastern Kentucky.

“Since ‘Kentucky Trained. Kentucky Built.’ was launched in September, we have made a conscious effort to grow the number of apprenticeships in Eastern Kentucky,” said Labor Secretary Derrick Ramsey. “Today’s announcement showcases manufacturers such as Phillips Diversified who have made the decision to tackle the skill and age gaps head-on through apprenticeships. I am grateful for the leadership that Clyde and his team have taken towards this goal and I look forward to the success that this program will bring for workplace development in the region.”

Phillips Diversified Manufacturing was founded in 1993 by Clyde Phillips and is a contract manufacturer for printed circuit board assembly, appliance control panels, metal fabrication and electromechanical & electronic assemblies. Phillips Diversified Manufacturing has several well-known national clients and employs over 220 people in Clay, Jackson, and Laurel counties.

“I am really encouraged by the acceptance of our Welding Apprenticeship Program from our associates,” said Phillips. “As a company located in southeastern Kentucky, we must continually search for skilled people and train our existing associates in various needed skills. This apprenticeship program will ensure a win-win situation for our area, our associates as well as our company.”

“The Kentucky Labor Cabinet was incredible to work with — providing guidance and support throughout this process,” said Special Projects Manager and Apprenticeship Director Tracy Stivers. “We began by simply identifying what our most urgent occupation training needs were, then began planning the work processes needed for on-the-job training of our apprentices and related classroom instruction needs. Upon completion of our 3-year program, apprentices will receive a nationally recognized certification, greatly improving their skill level, wages and future employability. Phillips Diversified Manufacturing will be creating its own in-house pool of highly-skilled welders which in turn will help us better meet the specific quality expectations of our customers.”

The “Kentucky Trained. Kentucky Built.” initiative signals Kentucky’s recommitment of new energy and resources toward strengthening apprenticeships across Kentucky. Since November 1st, the number of apprenticeships in Kentucky have increased by 39 percent. In total, the Kentucky Labor Cabinet has registered nearly 1,100 different programs totaling nearly 2,800 apprentices across the state.

State Senate President Robert Stivers (R-Manchester) and State Rep. Marie Rader (R-McKee) also offered praise.

“I am pleased to hear that Phillips Diversified, a long-time eastern Kentucky employer, is announcing this new apprenticeship program to train the next generation of Kentucky manufacturers,” Sen. Stivers said. “The company has been a strong economic partner in our region, and this apprenticeship program is yet another means of giving back to our community. Phillips Diversified is truly leading the way in innovative learning and I look forward to the success of this program and its graduates.”

“The apprenticeship program will have a huge impact on our young people and the future of our entire region,” said Rep. Rader. “Not only is Phillips Diversified investing in a future workforce, but the program is going to make sure our people are trained and prepared to fill the jobs in our communities, and in turn will have the ability to support themselves and their families for years to come. I commend Phillips Diversified for their commitment to our workers, and for their investment in this incredibly valuable program.”

For more information on Registered Apprenticeships, visit www.KentuckyApprenticeship.com.

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