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Kentucky Chamber-supported bills go into effect July 1

As a result of the 2017 General Assembly session, four key Chamber-supported bills will take effect on July 1.

Charter Schools – HB 520. With the widely known workforce gap facing the Commonwealth, education is a key priority of the business community. This bill makes Kentucky the 44th state to allow publicly funded charter schools.

Nuclear Energy – SB 11. This pro-business bill allows utilities to consider all options when planning to meet future electric needs. Construction of nuclear power will now be permitted in Kentucky, after analysis and authorization from state and federal governments.

Justice Reform – SB 20. Prior to the passage of this bill, if a Kentuckian had ever been convicted of a felony, they were automatically denied the ability to obtain a professional license. SB 20 removes that automatic denial and leave it up to the licensing board to determine whether someone should be granted the license. With Kentucky facing a workforce shortage, this legislation will help address the needs of employers to find skilled workers.

Medical Review Panels –SB4. This bill establishes a system of medical review panels to address the escalating costs directly attributed to Kentucky’s uncontrolled medical liability climate, an issue of serious concern to employers.

Other pro-business priorities, including right-to-work and repeal of the prevailing wage, already went into effect as they were passed with an emergency clause. For more information about pro-business legislative victories, view the Chamber’s Results for Business publication here.

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