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Labor Cabinet visits saved employers $1.5M in fines in June

Corrected 227 serious violations

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 7, 2017) — Last month, the Kentucky Labor Cabinet conducted 33 free on-site visits, or “consultative surveys,” for employers. The surveys helped employers correct 227 serious violations that could have resulted in enforcement penalties of up to $1,589,000.

The Labor Cabinet’s Division of Occupational Safety & Health Education & Training leads the cabinet’s proactive efforts to create safe and healthful workplace conditions, including overseeing a new web-based training service called eTrain. The new online training module will offer a variety of safety and health training topics, certificates, and live and recorded webinars all at no cost.

In addition to eTrain, the cabinet provides free consultative services to employers across Kentucky on ways to increase workplace safety – including how to improve Injury and Illness Rates. Services include free on-site consultations to all employers, as well as other compliance assistance, educational materials, and class-style training for all employers.

Last year, the division conducted 350 free consultative surveys for employers across Kentucky. This resulted in employers correcting 3,813 serious conditions that could have affected up to 108,307 employees resulting in enforcement penalties of up to $26,691,000.