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Foundation asking for entries to its 2017 statewide directory of Ky.-based health coaltions

HK_logo_V_CLR_CMYKLOUISVILLE, Ky., (Aug. 10, 2017) — The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky will issue its 2017 statewide directory of Kentucky-based coalitions and other groups that are working to improve health in their communities, and is asking groups wishing to be listed to enter their contact information in an online form by Sept. 8. The Foundation and other organizations use the directory to offer training, share funding opportunities, and connect to people with shared interests.

The current version of the directory, found here, includes more than 300 groups representing all 120 counties, as well as coalitions working at the statewide level.

“The Foundation’s Health Coalitions Directory raises awareness of efforts to improve health in local communities and across the state and fosters sharing and collaboration,” said Ben Chandler, president and CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. “These coalitions are largely local groups comprising neighbors and colleagues who are working together to identify and solve health-related issues in the communities where they live, work and raise their families.”

Whether the groups listed in the directory call themselves community coalitions, collectives, collaborations, groups, networks or partnerships, they are examples of people joining forces to improve health and health care in Kentucky. Some coalitions work to increase access to healthy food and physical activity; others plan needed screenings and education for people at risk for serious health problems such as cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases; yet others are working to enact smoke-free or complete-streets ordinances.

The directory is a living document, and the Foundation welcomes established coalitions to enter their information and suggest new coalitions for the 2017 edition. Contact Rachelle Seger, [email protected] or 502-326-2583, for more information.