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Kentucky Airbnb hosts to earn at least $146,000 during solar eclipse

Home sharing platform Airbnb today released new data and issued a call to action to its host community to help Kentucky take full economic advantage of excitement for the upcoming solar eclipse.

At this time, Airbnb projects that the Airbnb host community in Kentucky cities along the path of totality will earn a combined $146,000 in supplemental income while welcoming over 900 guests during the eclipse. The data indicates a significant economic boon for Kentucky and its residents.

The 900 guest arrivals in those towns represent an 803% spike compared to a week prior.

Local media accounts have closely documented the lack of hotel availability as visitors flock to Kentucky. While the path of totality includes larger cities like Paducah and Bowling Green, most of the Kentucky cities lack any hotels at all. The rise of home sharing has allowed Kentucky to expand lodging capacity and empowered more traditionally rural communities to benefit from the economic activity during this event.

The expanded lodging capacity for Kentucky communities during the eclipse also offers significant economic value to local restaurants and shops.

According to the U.S. Labor Department’s annual Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average American tourist spends $106.50 a day while traveling (not including lodging). Multiplying that average by the number of Kentucky Airbnb guest arrivals, Airbnb hosts have the opportunity to direct a potential $96,000 in guest spending towards the Kentucky merchant community on August 20-21.

Airbnb is issuing a call to action to its hosts to help guide eclipse guests to local shops, restaurants and other small businesses that do not typically benefit from traditional tourism revenue. This is particularly important, because 72 percent of those hosting via Airbnb during the eclipse in Kentucky towns on the path will be doing so for the first time.

Kentucky cities with over 10 guest arrivals during the solar eclipse

Paducah: 227 guest arrivals

Bowling Green: 116 guest arrivals

Crofton: 28 guest arrivals

Grand Rivers: 26 guest arrivals

Eddyville: 21 guest arrivals

Oak Grove: 21 guest arrivals

Gilbertsville: 19 guest arrivals

Scottsville: 16 guest arrivals

Russellville: 16 guest arrivals

Madisonville: 15 guest arrivals

Dawson Springs: 13 guest arrivals

Kevil: 12 guest arrivals

Lewisburg: 11 guest arrivals

Marion: 11 guest arrivals

Kuttawa: 10 guest arrivals

Morganfield: 10 guest arrivals

Hardin: 10 guest arrivals