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Centre College named top ‘hidden gem’ in Kentucky

Centre College logoDANVILLE, Ky. (Sept. 25, 2017) – College rankings have long been the product of magazines or intended to be turned into comprehensive books for prospective students and their families to pore through.

College Raptor appeared on the scene in 2016, building a web platform focused, they say, to help “students and their families discover quality, affordable college options they might not have considered because of a lack of awareness or financial concerns.”

Given its consistent focus on academic excellence and affordability, Centre College has appeared on the top of College Raptor lists from the start—and continues again this year.

For the third year in a row, Centre has been named to the “hidden gem” list, which is reserved for what’s deemed the top institution in each state. Criteria include metrics gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics such as application numbers, graduation rates, campus diversity and endowment per student.

Also this year, Centre was named to College Raptor’s Top 25 Best Southeast Colleges, at #15 overall and #4 among liberal arts colleges, behind only Washington and Lee, Davidson and the University of Richmond.

Besides making this list every year, Centre has also previously appeared on the 25 Best Small Colleges list, coming in at #23 in the nation. Centre appeared even higher, #4 in the nation, on the 2016 “Smartest Choice” list.

According to College Raptor, “We highlight institutions like Centre because they go beyond academic excellence and invest in an environment that provides the best educational outcomes for their students.”

In addition to more than $100 million in capital improvements to the campus over the last decade, Centre has targeted 80 percent of its current $200 million campaign on raising money for student scholarships and institutional aid, which translated to $31,670,000 this current year.

As for outcomes, of the most recent graduating class (2015) for which data is available, 98 percent of Centre College graduates were employed or pursuing advanced study. This exceeded the already impressive figures of 95, 96 and 97 percent the previous three years.

Full information is available here (hidden gems) and here (Southeast).