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Corrections Training receives perfect score in re-accreditation audit


FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 6, 2017) – The Division of Corrections Training received a perfect score during its recent re-accreditation audit with the American Correctional Association. The 100% score was the division’s second re-accreditation after receiving initial accreditation in 2011.

Audit Chair Paul Hastmann commended the training staff for their dedication. The audit team also complimented the cleanliness of the training facilities and the division’s files.

“You have a very important job,” said Hastmann. “You are oftentimes the first staff new employees see and you do a very good job preparing them for their new duties. The students I spoke with were enthusiastic.”

“I am very proud of our training staff,” said Corrections Interim Commissioner Jim Erwin. “To attain a score of 100 percent on an ACA audit requires a diligent effort on behalf of everyone in the division.”

Director Bridget Gilliland thanked the staff and the auditors. “I appreciate the staff for the hard work they did preparing for the audit and what they do on a daily basis,” said Gilliland. “I want to thank the auditors for their thorough examination of the division’s day-to-day operations.”

ACA audits for correctional training academies consist of 106 national standards that include administration, fiscal, personnel, training, sanitation, and security and control. The Division of Corrections Training is audited by the ACA every three years and has an inter-departmental audit (program security review) every year. Kentucky has been a member of ACA since the early 1980s.