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Ky. Chamber urges Sen. Rand Paul to support passage of federal budget

Sen. Rand Paul
Sen. Rand Paul

By Jacqueline Pitts, The Bottom Line

The Kentucky Chamber urges Sen. Rand Paul to support to the budget bill in order to move forward on comprehensive federal tax reform.

The federal budget is currently awaiting a vote in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that the Senate must first pass a budget before comprehensive tax reform can be tackled.

A vote on the budget is expected sometime this week in the Senate. At this time, Paul has yet to commit his support to the budget bill.

Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson hand-delivered a letter to Sen. Paul’s Washington, D.C. office Monday to strongly encourage his support of comprehensive tax reform, which requires the passage of the federal budget.

“The Kentucky Chamber strongly urges Sen. Rand Paul to stand with Kentucky businesses and vote to support the federal budget bill so that Congress can tackle the critical issue of federal tax reform. Modernizing our tax code is essential to help businesses create jobs and grow the economy,” Adkisson said.

The Kentucky Chamber recently signed the U.S. Chamber coalition letter supporting adoption of a budget resolution with reconciliation instructions to enable tax reform to move forward without the threat of a filibuster.