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Businessman offering private mortgages in Central Kentucky

Jim Mischner offers private mortgages in Central Kentucky.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 19, 2012) — Jim Mischner, who offers private mortgages and has been doing mortgages in Lexington and surrounding Fayette County for more than 25 years, is expanding his business to include Madison, Clark, Bourbon, Jessamine, Harrison, Woodford and Franklin counties.

As a private mortgage lender, he loans his own money to real estate investors who either are purchasing non-owner occupied properties or are refinancing the non-owner occupied properties they already own. These properties include commercial, multi-family and all rental properties.

The expansion into all of central Kentucky comes at a critical time, Mischner said, when banks are facing tougher regulations and decreased profits.

“As a private mortgage lender, I am in the position to help investors who need mortgages,” he said. “This is especially important with more and more of the smaller banks closing and the larger banks no longer caring about the ‘little’ guy or the local economy.”

Jim Mischner may be reached at 1-859-806-1932.