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Danville’s historic Hub building bought by Malcolm Bryant Corp.

Madison Silvert
Madison Silvert

DANVILLE, Ky. (Dec. 27, 2017) — Malcolm Bryant Corp. President and CEO Madison Silvert announced today that the company has closed on the purchase of the historic building at 236 West Main Street, commonly referred to as the Hub, from Farmers National Bank.

“We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to welcome this historic building to The Malcolm Bryant Corporation family,” said Madison Silvert. “More importantly, we look forward to developing deeper relationships with the excellent businesses already present in this significant downtown property.”

Silvert, who is a 1998 graduate of Centre College, has a special place in his heart for Danville.

Malcolm Bryant added: “When Madison became president of our company earlier this year, we asked him where we should go next. He said that we needed to invest in a community with a strong higher education presence, that was business friendly, and had a downtown that could be a regional center of excellence. Without hesitation, he said that Danville hit all of those notes. He has a passion for Danville, and now, so does our whole company.”

Jody Lassiter, president and CEO of Develop Danville, said, “I have known Madison for several years now and have recently gotten to know Malcolm, whose reputation throughout the state for quality development is already well-known. They genuinely see an opportunity to help build this community, and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Silvert added: “When we choose a community in which to invest, we do so very carefully, and with the intention of helping that community build great places, so that it can be the best that it can be. We won’t accomplish that by investing in one building alone. We hope to assist the community in future development as well. This is an investment in Danville, not an investment in real estate.”

It is an investment in Centre College, too, which played a major part in giving The Malcolm Bryant Corporation the confidence to invest in Danville.

“I look forward to working with Madison and The Malcolm Bryant Corporation. It is wonderful when our students come back to Danville to make a difference,” said John Roush, president of Centre College.